Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Galactic Business Federation's stance on piracy and other illegal activity?


    The Database is neutral and are neither for, nor against, piracy or otherwise criminal activity. We are basically a database, with info & reviews on any and all organizations. Like a library.



    The Fleet could be considered somewhat neutral in the sense that it is, for the most part, just comprised of business-folk, but is generally law abiding.  The Fleet abides by their own administrative laws and the laws relevant to the region or culture that they are doing business with, wherever they to business.  We do not police our own members directly, but will frown upon being caught doing any activities that negatively affect the good reputation of The Fleet and it's services.  Only in very extreme circumstances and as a last resort will this result in a member being expelled from The Fleet.


  • Many or all of the members of GBF will have other Primary organisations that they are affiliated with. How does the GBF make sure that a conflict off interests between the members of other primary organisations, or even other alliances, does not pose a threat to either the GBF or our own Organization?


    Again, we are neutral. We are not intermediaries and we do not take sides during war.


    In our case, everyone who is affiliated can view our vast growing database of information. This information will be only restricted to affiliated members once the PU beta hits.



  • What is the difference between The Database and The Fleet?

    The Database is a resource, service and a social community that is meant to grease the wheels of commerce for everyone in the 'verse (not just the GBF itself).  Members of The Database act as administrators and marketing professional (diplomats) and help maintain our extraordinary level of service to all who use it.


    The Fleet is a group of individuals that support the Galactic Business Federations interests in all of the other services that we provide (not to include The Database, which is administered separately).  Members of The Fleet represent all of the other services that The GBF provides (again, excluding The Database) and help to maintain the profitability and self-sufficiency that allows us to be a valuable ally or partner to other Organizations.


  • Why the separation between The Database and The Fleet?

    We consider this of the utmost priority so that The Database can offer a completely unbiased and uninfluenced service to it's patrons.  We want everyone, that comes to The Database for financial service and insight, to known that they are not being feed false information in order to benefit anyone else.  We want to be able to offer our financial services and insights to anyone that wants them, no matter what side of the law you choose to be on.


    The Fleet, on the other hand, will tend to limit it's relationships to those who abide by at least some form of good moral and legal standing.  The Fleet will consider every business relationship on a case by case basis, we don't expect everyone to be a saint, but we do reserves the right to turn away business if said business would reflect poorly upon the GBF as a whole or conflict with any alliances or partnerships that we strive to maintain good standing with.


  • What does it mean to be an Affiliate of the Galactic Business Federation?

    The Database requires that all of it's members (Free and Premium) are affiliated with the GBF so as to better manage it's memberships (this also serves to bring us together as a community and "grease the wheels of commerce"). Marketing Partners are urged to Affiliate with us, as that is kind of the point of marketing and cross-promotion.  Allies are Orgs that their entire Organization has Premium Access to The Database, but we can only track this if each individual who wishes to have access Affiliates with the GBF.


    Affiliates of The Fleet are typically considered either Contractors, Ambassadors, or Business Associates.  We use the Affiliate System as a sort of contact list or "Rolodex".



  • What are the differences between Free and Premium Database Services?

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