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What is Premium Access?

Premium Access gives you advanced statistics, charts and all kinds of profitable information in game.


Including but not limited to: economic and market analysis, summarized jump point magazine info, recommending investment  opportunities.


Premium Access starts when the Persistent Universe Module is Released.



A Typical (Pre- Alpha) Premium Page Information:


In this example, we compile sources of info to help you get a head start in the Persistent Universe



How will explorers make money?


The Salvage mechanic as unlocked on the 21st million crowd-source will probably be the main income for explorers, either directly through collection and sale of the salvage, or by simply marking the sites and selling the locations.



Recording locations of asteroid fields, and presumably estimating the amount/type and value of ore contained within. Then we can sell for appropriate fees



Bounty Hunting need not be all about firepower, Finding, Identifying and Marking ships with bounty will allow you to sell their location to other players or perhaps even NPC bounty hunters.



There may be ways to share autopilot information, so you may be able to not only scout out Jump Point waypoints... but you may actually be able to sell your flightpath as an "autopilot" program for other players who may not be able to fly through the harder jump points.





How will Bounty Hunters Make Money?


There will be an official Bounty Hunting network with both a set of local police boards for smaller criminals and a larger "FBI Most Wanted List" for the universal criminals. Some of these will be players and some will be NPC targets.

Source: 10FTC Ep.10/Q.8


You can set people as a Person Of Interest (POI) for either friendly or non-friendly purposes and POI's can be traded (thus allowing explorers to sell locations of players in the explorer section)

Bounty Hunters can do the same job, if they feel that they cannot take on a specific bounty alone, they can sell the POI to another hunter for cash.

There may be ways to remove a POI tracker if you know that somebody has attached one to your ship.

Source: 10FTC Ep.16/Q4


Some bounties will be specific in that you need the target alive, this requires stasis equipment or a brig, (The 300i and Avenger respectively, can have these installed.)

If a target is specified to be Dead and/or Dead or Alive then you need not kill them completely, simply removing one "life" is enough to count as them being dead.

See "Death of a Spaceman" for more details on game "lives"

Source: 10FTC Ep.20.Q2



How Will Miners Make Money?


There will be many different types of ores in the game, some limited to specific areas of the galaxy and some will be more common.


Mining will be more complex and nuanced than simply pointing a mining laser at a rock and sitting there. There will exist many types of mining machinery from drills, to explosives, lasers and tractor beams.


Simply blasting apart an asteroid with explosives or other similar means may not be as efficient as pinpointing resource veins and targeting them specifically. Different types of materials will require different approaches to mine them efficiently.


There will be cases where human players can purchase mining stations and upgrade them over time, allowing NPC's to produce materials for them

Source: 10FTC Ep.14/Q.4


As stated before, asteroids will run out of minerals and will eventually become useless hunks of rock (or be entirely mined to dust) at which point you will need to find new asteroid fields or buy some locations from explorers.

Balancing how much you pay for materials locations and how much you sell for will be your main problem.

Source 10FTC Ep. 21/Q10




How Racers Will Make Money


Racing will be a paid event by spectators, so some income from the tickets will be paid to all (or some) of the racers involved. Coming in a higher ranking will obviously increase your payout.

Source: 10FTC Ep.15/Q.3


There will be betting on the races, so you can place bets on yourself and increase your payment even further (if you're feeling extra confident)

Source: 10FTC Ep.15/Q.3


There may even be NPC sponsorships similar to Formula 1 in real life, where origin jumpworks etc... may sponsor you and outfit your ship with advertisement for which you will be paid, as long as you keep winning and bringing in the crowds.

Source: 10FTC Ep.33/Q.4



How do Shipless Players Make Money


Losing your ship with no insurance will cause the loss of that ship, if you don't have enough money then you will not be able to buy a new one.

There will not be any newbie ships given out for free, so at that point you will be shipless.


At this point you will be able to accept jobs as crew on board larger player owned ships or become a "marine" of sorts and engage in ground or otherwise FPS combat in order to earn enough money for a basic ship again.

Source: 10FTC EP.33/Q.2